13 comments on “The Otherworld in Anime: Vampires

  1. Can relate to the love to love.
    The noblesse the awakening was pretty damn good.
    There is also ‘Shiki’ creepy good.

    It is the mystery that surrounds them and also keeps attracting me every time the show up in a series.

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    • I’ve been wanting to watch Noblesse since it came out but I really want to read the manga first since I heard the anime cut out a lot of content. I know they never fit all the details into anime but I’ve heard there was more than usual left out of this.

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      • It is true that content has been removed while another scenes have been extended. Though personally I think it is not any key scene that’s missing. What gives the anime a nice pace and good flow.

        That is however my personal opinion.

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  2. Interesting post about Vampires. There are so many out there and they can be scary or attractive lol. I can think of another vampire you can add to the list but he only appeared in a game. His name is Red and he is from One Piece: Unlimited World Red. He ate a devil fruit power that makes him a vampire.

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  3. thoroughly enjoyed your posts on expanding of vampire characters in anime, I hope one day a show as good as Shiki comes out there aren’t that many good vampire series in anime only a few fragment ones are ^^

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  4. Oooooooooooh. Do write about Blood+. I haven’t personally written anything substantial about the series in my own blog, so I’m interested in reading what you think about it when you get to watch it. Fantasy and supernatural are so fun to watch in anime. They can be portrayed as dark or even funny, sexy or just plain frightening. Interesting post. Keep it up. And thanks for submitting this to the Fujinsei Blog Carnival. Cheers!

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      • No problem. I do enjoy reading interesting posts by other bloggers myself. I hope that you participate in the next one which will be on June 6. Hope to read another post from you there. Cheers!


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